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15-09-2023, 13:22
Hypnosis Pencil v.1.03 / 催眠えんぴつ
Japanese Games
3 139
You, the main character, are an unpopular male student. Someday I want to have a girlfriend, I hope to graduate from being a virgin, All I can do is wish, but I can't act... At that time, by chance Just by showing the written characters, The main...
9-08-2023, 08:12
Divagate v.1.6
Japanese Games
1 199
AlterGuns is a four-woman rock band led by vocalist and bassist Minato Neon. Their stoic attitude, which only pushes forward with their music activities, is popular, and although they are up-and-coming, they have steadily distinguished themselves....
5-12-2020, 16:49
Shame of agents
Hentai Games
3 136
These are two short stories about agents who infiltrated an enemy factory. The first mission is to rescue the hostages, and the second mission is the backstory of the first. You can play as two agents: Reina and Sharon. H-Scenes are different for...