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29-12-2023, 14:42
FlashCyclingSide.S / フリーライドろしゅつ v.0.90
Japanese Games
Name: Ichika Ninomiya Student council secretary who appeared briefly in FlashCyclingRide.2. She witnessed her idol, the student council president, in a revealing play, and she herself joined his side. .........
15-09-2023, 13:22
Hypnosis Pencil v.1.03 / 催眠えんぴつ
Japanese Games
2 776
You, the main character, are an unpopular male student. Someday I want to have a girlfriend, I hope to graduate from being a virgin, All I can do is wish, but I can't act... At that time, by chance Just by showing the written characters, The main...
A couple of years after the horror that the main character suffered, he finally begins to gradually find peace of mind thanks to Kaede's care. They live a beautiful family life, but there is one catch - the little "buddy" doesn't want to...
Oneshota-based short story, playing time is about 1 hour and 30 minutes. School part after school home school Basically, we will collect information and funds through conversation. Using Hide Oya Satsuki and milk, One of the purposes is to sleep...
One day, the main character, Rio, the daughter of a cook, is saddled with a huge debt. It was the plot of the village chief who wanted to have a relationship with Rio. In order to repay her debt, Rio decides to work in a mine where mysterious...
NTR x Shame RPG drawn with Live2d Genius swordsman Ishii is an RPG that runs hard to help her apprentice. The main content is to play with the devil, such as having to do embarrassing things, masturbating in the city, and having to show others...
27-01-2023, 12:21
Demon Queen Melissa v.1.01
Hentai Games
1 866
After the previous fearmongering demon king was defeated, his daughter, Melissa, takes on the role of the new lord of demons. However, despite her strength, she decides to abandon the way of life the previous king had established and live in...
25-11-2022, 11:37
Prison on the Saddle / サドルの上の監獄
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
3 468
Akira Hyuga is a sports girl who always has a bright smile on her face when she joins club activities. But lately, she's been looking more and more difficult. The restaurant in her parents' house is targeted by landlords, and she is being harassed...
16-11-2022, 13:44
The Dark Tome / ドックロ怪奇~黒き魔導書~
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
2 716
"What would you do if you acquired a tome of great power?" X-ray vision, time-stop, mind-control, invisibility... With such abilities at the tip of your fingers, what sort of sexual mayhem would you unleash on the the residents of this...
It 's just a game to watch her activities. Your girlfriend is a meat urinal When her users appear, let's get her to use If you act as a meat urinal, it will be posted on SNS and the naughty status will be updated. Usually it is used in a dedicated...