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Submissive Man

19-07-2023, 08:47
Succubus x Escape Horror v.23.7.2b
Hentai Games
1 272
A mansion stands quietly on the outskirts of town. No one is supposed to live there, but there is a rumor that an unknown monster appears there. A young boy hears the rumor and out of curiosity, he enters the mansion. What awaited him there was a...
11-11-2022, 13:00
The Queen and The Lucky Man
Hentai Games
1 978
This is an ancient Egyptian-like kingdom ...... It is ruled peacefully by a beautiful brown-breasted queen. Mysterious slogan competitions are held from time to time at the queen's discretion. The winner of the game The winner of the game is given...
6-12-2021, 07:20
Demon King and Step Pioneer / 魔王とすてっぷ開拓記
Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
1 540
It is a casual RPG aimed at H scenes without any difficult battles or complicated dungeons. The hero who came to the remote area with his sister-in-law, Teruse will revive the Demon King who was sealed in the remote area. However, the Demon King...
16-11-2020, 13:58
Succubus Prison ~House of Lewd Demons~ v.2.00
Hentai Games
5 196
The time of your cum milking to the death draws near. Will you fight? Turn the tables? Use persuasion? Oppose? That's Impossible. You are a helpless human being which has been caught by succubi. In front of their overwhelming demon powers, you have...
22-04-2020, 16:55
Rule of Succubus
Hentai Games / Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
3 335
Island of Eden "is an unmapped legendary island ... A ship carrying men sails to the island on which all desires shall be fulfilled. However, the ship is wrecked and the protagonist is drifted on an isolated island. Later it turns out that the...