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An F-ranked adventurer who always fails at everything he does is ordered to attack the underground labyrinth of the Holy Meteorite, which is said to have an achievement rate of 0%. Then, a villainous young lady called Yukika's Daughter Knight, who...
Deep in the forgotten forest, verdant growth shrouded the decrepit remains of a tribal temple... a dwelling of dreadful violators! Coiling tentacles constrict heroines in an orgy of hellish ecstasy. A grand journey & tentacle assault AVG! The...
19-03-2020, 17:10
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Premise: A job interview between a lady employer and a guy with the power to cause pleasure. This is a simple interactive click-the-girl game. Spend points to upgrade units. Please play the trial version. By pixel-teishoku Illust: Satoshi Yamada...