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"A time stopping RPG where the weakest of all monsters, a ""Slime"" has the special ability to stop time. The slime heads off on a mission to defeat the female hero! Being so weak, you cannot directly do anything... So use...
24-11-2021, 11:51
Hilda In The Tower of Lust / ヒルダと淫欲の塔
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 624
Warrioress Hilda journeyed with the hero to defeat the Demon Lord, and at least they've arrived at his evil tower, However, a powerful barrier blocks the way, and the hero must stand in place and use his magic to disable it so Hilda can enter in...
4-04-2020, 16:14
The Revenge of Summoner Jace
Japanese Games
2 508
Jace, a summoner who resides in the Kingdom. He is currently, fuming with rage. Having lost his job, the trust of those around him, all words of abuse and ridicules him as good for nothing, useless nincompoop. Towards his skill, the art of...