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You are the only male in this world. In a world where all men except the main character have died due to a mysterious disease epidemic. Save the human race with your impregnation harem. The battle will not end until everyone in the world is...
25-08-2023, 11:13
How To Raise Happy Neet / 幸せなニートの育て方
Japanese Games
2 330
NEET-chan and reserved girl. A bit shy, but an obedient girl. Something happened in the past and luck seems to have turned her back. I know nothing about pranks due to lack of life experience and ignorance. For family reasons, I was left to live...
Some incident prompted you to suddenly change jobs in facilities management. You, who was supposed to be a good person, found a breach in your job and invaded a girls' school, and you fell for a sexual predator who sees through slumbering...
27-01-2023, 12:40
Life With My Daughter
Hentai Games
6 285
Have you ever wanted to have a daughter and live alone with her? Hang out, talk, give her presents (including underwear!), and even get nice and cuddly together… Go ahead and touch her! How are you supposed to deepen your relationship? The closer...
21-12-2022, 14:29
SakuraSegment v.0.3
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 229
This is a prologue version that implements the basic system of the main game, which is currently under construction. No story part, but casual exploratory action and over 8 Heroine hunts and Costumes each....
Dress-up x touch is a touching game. The protagonist captures Koharu Watase, a yankee who always bullies her, in a physical education warehouse, and tries to make her submit by touching her. Hearts are generated by rubbing each part. By clicking on...
20-08-2022, 10:06
Round and Round Molester Train / ぐるぐる痴漢電車
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
8 561
Players can freely molest various parts of the heroine's body, and can dress and undress the heroine according to their own tastes. The number of selectable operations increases as the heroine's parameters increase. The heroine's body is gradually...
Interact with homunculus girls and educate them. It is a slow life game that depicts life with such a homunculus. Grow as you wish. A young genius alchemist Georg who has been lonely for a long time. Unsatisfied with his fame as an alchemist, he...
You're a government official in the empire, and, with the emperor's illness, you've decided now is your chance to wrest control of the nation for yourself. However, the emperor's lone daughter Tiana and her closest aides pose the largest threat to...
A man was banished from the church. He is a "saint" who can hear the voice of "God." It had a mission to save the world. The incarnation of my god is necessary for the salvation. To that end, we must continue to devote our good...