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In the past, the Kingdom of Boing Boing was known as the Kingdom of Hirattai. As the name of the country suggests, people were praised for having small breasts and people were the majority of the population. However, a few years ago, when the...
15-04-2024, 14:01
Lethal Cumpany v.0.1b Alpha
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Lethal Cumpany is an adult parody game of Lethal Company. You play as Eva, a new employee at The Company. Your job is to scavenge abandoned facilities in different moons to collect scraps and sell them to the Company. But remember, you must be...
12-04-2024, 12:58
Mage Academy / 魔導学園
Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
100 years ago, the world was ruled by a powerful mage, who wrought pain and destruction upon everyone. However, descent of the great hero appeared, and ended his rule. A magic academy was established to prevent the second coming this mage. Would-be...