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15-03-2024, 14:40

The Taming of the Brat v.0.999

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The Taming of the Brat


Visual Novel

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The Taming of the Brat

Narrates the sexual adventures of an artist. Once the protagonist was successful in his profession. However, in the early stages of his career, the anti-hero began to abuse alcohol. As a result, the protagonist went on a long and serious bender. And when he sobered up and came to himself, he realized that his latest work became mediocre, and the days of former glory have passed. In addition, the creator wasted almost all his savings. So he decided to turn for help to the owner of the gallery named Elena, who supported him at the beginning of his journey. But she has enough and her own worries, because her niece Belle entered college, and now will live with her in the same city.



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