Priest Konoha rushes into the book to help King Leon, led by the "Grimoire"! The inside of the book was made up of another world Grimoire Land. All the girls who land in this world are magical girls It is said to be reincarnated. Konoha will be one...
A man full of sexual desire hit a maid with Fukubiki in his frustrated days. The hero who uses a maid to process libido. At first, she hates maids, but gradually she becomes absorbed in sexual pleasure. H scene 14 kinds of sensual sex animation! The...
18-01-2022, 11:25
Semen Addiction / 精液中毒
Japanese Games
For some weird scheme, Rin is taken into a national research institution of Wingrat. The researchers victimize Rin self-indulgently. Will Rin be able to make an escape from this semen-covered research institution!?...
16-01-2022, 06:49
PerfectLover v.1.30 Build 7697363
Porn Games / Japanese Games
In PerfectLover, there are three girls for players to choose from: Reika, Saori, Shiori. They have different personalities and wait for the players to unlock everything about them. Each round represents the past of the day. They have a physiological...
Synopsis The future of advanced online technology. The world's leading companies have become powerful economically and politically, and the autonomous regions of the world have become crowded all over the world. The traditional national system was...
Alice woke up in a strange place. Alice explores the eerie mansion in search of her lost sister. Break through the gimmicks and sealed rooms with items, find your missing sister, and aim to escape from the nightmare world. A helpless girl has no way...
14-01-2022, 12:50
LoliQue 2 -Gaiden- Konoha v.1.03 / 魔法少女コノハ-LOLIQUE2GAIDEN-
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
1 858
In order to save the king who was trapped inside the "Mahou Grimoire", it's up to Konoha to save the day, again! Thus, she alone was transported into the Grimoire and into the unknown land. During the process into the book, the magical sword...
14-01-2022, 12:47
Knights College v.2.0.1
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
One day, a young man named Argo, who has led a carefree life in a rural fishing village, receives a letter of recommendation from an unexpected place. It was from an elite educational institution known as the "Knight's College". The reason for...
Synopsis His husband, Ryo Kishida, and his wife, Yuka, were traveling by ferry to return home. Suddenly unhappiness comes to the couple who built a happy family. The Kishida family and their party were involved in a ferry accident and arrived on an...
In this 3D side-scrolling action game, you play as Ricca, who can transform into a holy knight with the powers granted to her by God. When Ricca is captured or defeated by particular enemies, she will face a variety of kinky sexual encounters....