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22-04-2024, 17:53

NTRhou~Kokumin no Tsuma wa Shea Sareru / NTRhou~国民の妻はシェアされる~

Japanese Games - 日本のゲーム
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NTRhou~Kokumin no Tsuma wa Shea Sareru / NTRhou~国民の妻はシェアされる~



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NTRhou~Kokumin no Tsuma wa Shea Sareru / NTRhou~国民の妻はシェアされる~

The main character was a popular young politician who was active in political activities every day.
He is concerned about countermeasures against Japan's declining birthrate and creates a forbidden law.
You can share the wife of a citizen... "NTR law"
He makes contracts with married women and girls he meets on the street and starts having children with them!?
Of course, my wife is also subject to the NTR law...



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