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The full list of contents with links is in the root directory "_h__playhome.txt".
A temporary phenomenon: the distribution contains plug-ins and mods for the trial version.
The autoset will be as soon as the content is downloaded (full translation, antisensor, ...).



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Countdown to Extinction / 破滅へのカウントダウン
40 or more basic pictures, 500 or more including differences. Equipped with a track record system. It is recommended to play the trial version and check the operation. The number of H scenes that can be seen in the trial version is 14 scenes,...
GuriGuri Cute Yuffie. Full version
28-09-2020, 13:55
Porn Games
An interactive game about Yufi meeting with a childhood friend. Add. Info: After the 2nd day you can go to the store and buy Mods for gil. Mods open up new plots, answer options and gameplay. Mods and development plots accumulate and are not lost...
Deviant Discoveries 0.37.1
11-04-2020, 17:01
Porn Games
You play a scientist / professor who invented ways to change the human body. He intends to test it on students in the school where he now works, and corrupts them in the process....
RPG Sugoroku Goblin fort Mahjong
31-03-2020, 00:58
Japanese Games
Game content There are 100 all stages. You can play with keyboard or mouse. There is an auto mode to assist in the creation of a role. There is no induction of tiles. Contents: game content There are 100 all stages. You can play with keyboard or...
Play Home
25-03-2020, 14:55
Hentai Games / Japanese Games
Rip catalog game release version with patches to 2017.10.13 (backup), patches, anglofikator, plugins, utilities, textures, modifications and extras. content (hairstyles, clothes, accessories). The full list of contents...