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27-04-2020, 16:42

Princess Prince ~Feminized Royal Boy Lute's Erotic Adventure~ / プリンセスプリンス~女体化王子リュートのエッチな冒険~

Japanese Games
Princess Prince ~Feminized Royal Boy Lute's Erotic Adventure~ / プリンセスプリンス~女体化王子リュートのエッチな冒険~
Original title:プリンセスプリンス~女体化王子リュートのエッチな冒険~
Release date:2018/08/29
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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A month has passed since the announcement of the revival of the demon lord.
Under the command of General Rabal, the Royal troops attacked the castle of demons, but no one returned.

Lute, Prince of the Kingdom of Tyson and master of the blade - the only one who is able to defeat the Lord of demons.
Nevertheless, the battle between the two of them cost feminization for Lute.
He / she barely escaped, because she lost some of her strength.

Nevertheless, this does not prevent her from giving up her goal.
While Lute seduces her enemies with her female body, the journey to the castle of demons continues.
For the sake of people and peace in the whole world!
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