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30-04-2021, 11:30

Time for Work! The Naked Moral Committee v.1.01 / 出動! 全裸風紀委員会

Japanese Games
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Time for Work! The Naked Moral Committee v.1.01 / 出動! 全裸風紀委員会
Original title:出動! 全裸風紀委員会
Release date:11/06/2020
License:Pirate (unofficial)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Sara has just transferred to a new school at the end of summer vacation,
and she learns something surprising when her classmates give her the school tour.
That this school, everyone gets along so well, it's a constant orgy!
After her first experience, Sara too gets along with everyone.
The boys play tricks, and the girls retaliate with their bodies!
A party of beautiful girls battle-fuck their way to victory in this RPG!

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