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Shin Injuu ~Mi o Sasage Ta ga Tame ni Tatakau~ / 神淫獣 ~身を捧げ誰が為に戦う~

Japanese Games
Shin Injuu ~Mi o Sasage Ta ga Tame ni Tatakau~ / 神淫獣 ~身を捧げ誰が為に戦う~
Type:Visual Novel
Release date:2014/06/06
Censorship:Missing / There is a patch for removal
License:Pirate (unofficial)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Shin Injuu ~Mi o Sasage Ta ga Tame ni Tatakau~ / 神淫獣 ~身を捧げ誰が為に戦う~

A general term for animals that try to breed by attacking human women, probably because there is only one person.
Even modern weapons cannot damage them since ancient times.
People fought each other, concluding contracts with horned animals and fighting with horned animals.
And now. Those who can contract with an obscene animal are called "offspring."

Amae, the eldest daughter of the Karaito family, who had been a traitor for generations, used the Raitha Hawk to defeat the obscene beast that attacks women today.
Among those who praised the figure were also a second daughter, Chi, and a third daughter, Miya.
That night, Jickey accidentally witnesses Ryden's disease when she carries her own beast, Rocken Dog.

Umi also appears there and they say that this is the price you need to pay to use the beast. When Megumi finds out about this for the first time, she cannot hide her surprise.
A few hours later, in a screaming visitor to Megumi Shrine, who followed the blessing and saw the blessing, he saw how Wei confronts the blessing on the thunder hawk using the forbidden beast and the erosive octopus.

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