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Sweet swimming of the summer sky / 夏空のスイートスイミング

Japanese Games
Sweet swimming of the summer sky / 夏空のスイートスイミング
Original title:夏空のスイートスイミング
Release date:2014/11/16
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC WindowsXP / Windows Vista / Windows7 / Windows8

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Special training of juniors in swimming, after practical training in the pool!
A thing of midsummer and a younger student and the senior who one day belong to the same swimming club,
After an exercise, the special training that is the sex by the senior begins.
Can a younger student tolerate the harsh training of the senior? ?

- Collecting contents
· 87 PPV
· Resolution 800 * 800
· 30fps
· Whole Volume Hilo Influenza Voice-Over

- Play contents
· 69
· Titty Fuck
· Cowgirl
· Missionary position
· Rear-entry position
· Back standing position
There is a finish scene in Play of the All the above above!

- CV: Be deep red moon Koto

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