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1-03-2020, 15:43

Rinjin ni Kowasareteiku Ore no Tsuma

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Rinjin ni Kowasareteiku Ore no Tsuma
Type:Visual Novel
Release date:2017/05/26
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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If you are absent from a hotel on a business trip, you receive "mail with link" from strangers.
When I clicked on interest, I saw a picture of a woman who was closely resembled my wife being fucked by men.
Returning from business trips Although I was careful about my wife's appearance, I am relieved to have a normal attitude.
One day, a man named Kanemori Yuji came in the vacant room next door.
In Kanamori with a polite feeling.
So - I could not notice the change of my ...

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