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-SACRED- / 【異種姦ACT】セイナルモノヘ【ドットアニメ】

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-SACRED- / 【異種姦ACT】セイナルモノヘ【ドットアニメ】
Original title:【異種姦ACT】セイナルモノヘ【ドットアニメ】
Release date:2014/05/24
Censorship:There are in the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Deep in the holy forest, near the fountain of purity, there lived a race of females - the Elves. Blessed with eternal life, the Elves were unsullied by the outside world. Ages came and went, and they were content to pass them under shroud of darkness.
--- Until it was discovered that in the darkness, they were at the center of a maze. A hellish maze on all sides by hordes of monsters ---
The sidescrolling indie game by Touhou Marupan Dou is here! -SACRED- puts you in control of a purple-haired heroine with a direct bloodline to the Priestess. Explore the maze! Slay hellbeasts or have sex with them - assault scenes are included as both pixel sprite animations & classic CG illustrations.
* Traverse the maze world
* Discover power-up items
* Unlock and complete Gallery & Prisoner Mode content
Only with the best power can you discover the prison cell ...
How did I get trapped in this maze? What are these horrific monster? Why does the heroine wield this power of the Priestess?
--- Answers dwell in the deep darkness ---

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