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Eroi 3D / エロイ3D

Japanese Games
Eroi 3D / エロイ3D
Original title:エロイ3D
Release date:2008
Censorship:Missing / There is a patch for removal
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows2000 / XP / Vista

You act as a doctor who has views of your employees and patients.
The game (history mode) is a standard VN in 3D modes, as a series of love death (in general the game is made on the engine from the second part of the LD)
After a short prologue, you will see a map of the hospital, in the second room on the top and the left you can "inspect" the girls, in the rest I understand or you can take items if there is someone there or there might happen some one. Free H-mode is available only after a certain passage of the game so there is a 100% save. All screens are censored, just made them without an antsenzora. Lesbian, futanari and grupovuh are available only in scripted 3-d scenes of the game, in free-mode there are none.
Extras. information:
-mount the image and run the program through the applet (all other ekzeshniki also through it).
-Set additional locations
-copy the file from the folder no-dvd in the folder with the game and run it
-copy files from the folder with the antsenzorom in the folder with the game.
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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