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Girl Confined / 監禁された少女

Japanese Games
Girl Confined / 監禁された少女
Original title:監禁された少女
Release date:2009
Censorship:There are in the game
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows2000 / XP / Vista

Used a new development in the movements and animation!
Now the heroine looks more realistic - it will wink, then change the expression. About the movement of the body is also not forgotten.

26 action icons that will not let you get bored, let alone your experimental. For the schoolgirl the situation is absolutely inevitable - the heroine is chained in a chain and you can do anything you like!
"Lick pussy," "Lasky fingers," "Expand (change the pose)," "Make an intimate haircut," "Play vibrators," "Expander (gynecologist's instrument)," "Anal balls," "enema" - in the end 26 buttons (all the menus in the picture on the right).

Camera - on the main screen made 3 types of camera: in the distance (communication mode), bring the chest (there are actions and poses), bring your waist (there are actions and poses).

Excellent and high-quality voiceover of the heroine - the voice of the actress: Ayana Maria. Also a nice background melody and sounds.

The game has several endings, both bad and good. It all depends on your answers and questions (this is how I understood ... I advise you to keep more often and try different variations)

About the Heroes of the Game:

Nao (the heroine)
tall, slender, athletic schoolgirl. Height 161 cm, weight 48 kg. Member of the tennis club. He considers himself strong enough, energetic. Refers to a sociable type of people.

Hiroto (the hero)
high, schoolboy-virgin. Height 169 cm, weight 55 kg. Does not consist in clubs, sits at home.
I was familiar with Nao since the kindergarten. Communicated with her a couple of times ...
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