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11-09-2020, 13:12

Love Raper! Maki x Examination room / レイパー大好き! マキ×診察室

Japanese Games
Love Raper! Maki x Examination room / レイパー大好き! マキ×診察室
Original title:レイパー大好き! マキ×診察室
Release date:2015/07/03
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows Vista / Windows7 / Windows8

Cool high achiever Maki Nishi * no is a popular member of school idol group M * se.
One day she's assaulted on the train home. The guy leaves his cumstain inside her panties.
Oh no, oh no! "Oh no, oh no!"
The only doctor who does not require a doping clinic ...
- Real time 3D! View from any angle!
- Naughty doctor x patient mischief from interview to exam!
- Fully voiced (CV: Hina Sakabuki) with a toggle for ultra dirty talk!
- Raise her ecchi level with each transgression! Lots of position options!
- Cutomizable breathing size, hair color and school uniform
- All-you-want touch interactivity!
- More scenes than the original Love R * per!
- Achievements (trophies) and multiple endings. Get them all!
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