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Ten conquest lateral biography Veronica nine 1.21 / 天制覇外伝 ベロニカナイン

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Ten conquest lateral biography Veronica nine 1.21 / 天制覇外伝 ベロニカナイン
Original title:天制覇外伝 ベロニカナイン
Release date:2009/11/26
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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The player will have to make money by becoming a pirate. Buy warships and robots. To earn on bread with the help of robbery of banks and caravans, you can engage in prostitution, you have many ways to earn money. And the more you violate the law, the more expensive your head and the heads of your companions.
You have a choice between a story and a free game where you have the right to do what you want.
Also in the game there is an erotic generator in which you can adjust your perversions (manage the size of the breast, nipples, etc.). You can enjoy a wonderful sex from ordinary robbers, prostitutes to army officers and princesses ... which you can capture.
What are you waiting for ?? On the road friends, on Veronica Nine. Rob and kill, rape and kidnap!

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