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14-09-2020, 11:13

Shinsou Seiki Elementia ~Kutsujoku no Sennou Saimin~ / 神装聖姫エレメンティア~屈辱の洗脳催眠~

Japanese Games
Shinsou Seiki Elementia ~Kutsujoku no Sennou Saimin~ / 神装聖姫エレメンティア~屈辱の洗脳催眠~
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:神装聖姫エレメンティア~屈辱の洗脳催眠~
Release date:2017/08/25
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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An organization of evil 'Evil' hanging the universe on his crotch, plundering goods, conducting slavery trading, etc.
They took advantage of the advanced scientific power and were invading around undeveloped planets.
And, in order to make our "Element" which is a high energy body existing on the earth ours, start invasion of the earth.
Heroine --- Kisaragi wish received support of lover "Element Night" as Justice warrior "Element Venus"
Everyday fighting everyday with "Ebiru".
The genome, which is responsible for the invasion of the earth, was planning to use the elements for desire for private interest.
However, due to the disturbance of the Element Venus the invasion did not go well and the organization was blamed.
The furious genome carries out sneaky strategies to capture Element Venus.

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