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19-10-2020, 17:43

Dame! Zettai! 3 / ダメ!ぜったい!! 惨

Japanese Games
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Dame! Zettai! 3 / ダメ!ぜったい!! 惨
Original title:ダメ!ぜったい!! 惨
Release date:2014/08/28
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Overdose an ojosama with petanko-tiny tits and blonde hair with the love drug! The fully voiced anime series by kate sai gets a third brilliant entry! We went NO MERCY with high quality hand-produced artwork of super cute and strong girl lolita Shirley, who starts pure and ends gaping with lust while her itty bitties lactate with nubile pleasure! First she's like nooooo, noooo! Then she's like gghhrruuughhmoarrr! Don't let anything stop you from enjoying the full scope of Shirley's debauched spiral into drug-addled soaked panties hentai craven sexuality! Love option... Bad drug, bad! Dame! Zettai! Watch this game insexual awakening.

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