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1-11-2020, 18:28

Bokuna boku ga kimi ni tsure yuki koi o om? / ボクな僕がキミに連れ往き恋を想う

Japanese Games
Bokuna boku ga kimi ni tsure yuki koi o om? / ボクな僕がキミに連れ往き恋を想う
Original title:ボクな僕がキミに連れ往き恋を想う
Release date:2019
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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In the modern other world, where magic is everyday life, love and adventure with a cute girl-daughter!

I fight the mysterious ruins of the “Epic Ruins” in the final exam in Mado Gakuin, I like the martial arts hero Kazuma and the cute and intelligent goddess of Shiite magic.

This was supposed to be zero for half the graduation festival.
But there is an unexpected mystery and a flash of blows.

What do you like best to do, is it a man or not?

The love story and adventures of Kazuma and Shia begin with the secret of transsexualism!

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