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7-11-2020, 13:16

Mistaken for a Battle Girl's Object of Vengeance / 格闘娘に仇と間違えられたんだが

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Mistaken for a Battle Girl's Object of Vengeance / 格闘娘に仇と間違えられたんだが
Original title:格闘娘に仇と間違えられたんだが
Release date:2019/09/11
Censorship:Partially Present
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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"Well, wait! I must avenge my master!"
When you walk around the city, suddenly a girl (Satsuki Rindo) does
This statement is for you. You have no idea what happens when she takes you
into the open space. There your battle begins with this fighting girl.

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