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23-11-2020, 17:07

Netorare Tomboy Makoto v.1.2 / 寝取られボクッ娘彼女誠

Japanese Games
Netorare Tomboy Makoto v.1.2 / 寝取られボクッ娘彼女誠
Original title:寝取られボクッ娘彼女誠
Release date:2016/12/29
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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A strong-spirited girl, Makoto was always playing with her best friend.
She'd rather punch a boy than marry one, but they made a childhood pact.
(Did she even remember it...?)

In time, his feelings for her grew. She was a tomboy thru and thru,
but to him she smelled sweet and looked pretty...

Makoto made it onto the national track and field team and was suddenly famous.
The world showered her with attention.
Too much to play with her best friend any more. Inevitably, they drifted apart.

Meanwhile her hormones were kicking in. She was definitely changing.
Makoto always prided her boyishness. It was a confusing and depressing time.
Now, more than ever, she needed her best friend.

Makoto: "Hajime-chan! Where are you now? Why don't you have my back?"
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