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5-12-2020, 17:47

Momoiro Youkai Story ~ Nako's Lusty Journey v.1.05 / 桃色妖怪奇譚 ~奈子のお色気珍道中~

Japanese Games
Momoiro Youkai Story ~ Nako's Lusty Journey v.1.05 / 桃色妖怪奇譚 ~奈子のお色気珍道中~
Original title:桃色妖怪奇譚 ~奈子のお色気珍道中~
Release date:2019/11/08
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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One morning, Nako notices that the boy next door to whom she was like an older sister was very upset with something.
When she managed to talk to him, Nako learns that the guy has lost something absolutely necessary.
So, Nako goes in pursuit of the stolen, on the way meeting a lot of yokai and other victims of such tricks.
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