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Gambler's game / ギャンブラーズゲーム

Japanese Games
Gambler's game / ギャンブラーズゲーム
Original title:ギャンブラーズゲーム
Release date:2021/01/23
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Kazuki, the hero, spends his normal life with his childhood friend Ayano.
An invitation to the super popular resort "Mirana Island" arrives to these two people.
Kazuki refuses to go to the smell of humor, but Ayano strongly recommends to go with him.
A man who sent an invitation appears to the two who stayed at a luxury hotel and enjoyed Mirana Island all day long.
He was the owner of the hotel and the organizer of the illegal gambling "Gambler's Game".
Kazuki, who was forced to take over the debt of $ 4 million that his father once owed, will be
forced to participate in the gambler's game in the middle.
It is the ownership of Ayano who secretly thinks that Kazuki who has no money is made to bet.
Kazuki refused, but Ayano, who gave her name for Kazuki, will participate in the game.
Can Kazuki repay his debt safely while protecting Ayano ...?

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