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3-02-2021, 17:56

Sora no Baroque / 虚空のバロック

Japanese Games
Sora no Baroque / 虚空のバロック
Original title:虚空のバロック
Release date:2018/01/2
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Standing on the roof of the school, Nao confesses love to his senpai Sachi, but she refuses him. In desperation, he wants the world to collapse
and at the same moment, an explosion of incredible power occurs in the city and a shock wave affects the school, the apocalypse has come ...

Having survived the catastrophe unscathed, Nao and Sachi are trying to escape from the disaster zone, which was mysteriously separated from the rest of the country both geographically and temporarily.
Along the way, they save four more other survivors; they all acquire superhuman abilities that allow them to defend themselves from monsters who prey on surviving people in the disaster area.

In the end, the monster attack on one of the evacuation zones provides the six survivors with an unexpected escape route, but Yuri was separated from the others. The five remaining members are trying to find it, but unexpectedly discover a modern metropolis over the hills surrounding their valley city, untouched by the disaster ...

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