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Shukubo no Uzuki 2 ~Nareta Hitozuma kara Tadayou "Onna" no Iroka~ / 淑母の疼き2 ~熟れた人妻から漂う"女"の色香~

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Shukubo no Uzuki 2 ~Nareta Hitozuma kara Tadayou "Onna" no Iroka~ / 淑母の疼き2 ~熟れた人妻から漂う"女"の色香~
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:淑母の疼き2 ~熟れた人妻から漂う“女”の色香~
Release date:2015/09/18
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Hero and Komiya Satoshi, worked the second year of teacher of counseling to work in private middle school.
While sending a busy day, it must be also addressed to the parents of the problem is not only the student.
Principal-Saijo Narumi your hard performance-oriented. Senior was the health of the teacher-Yamashina summer weaving.
Nagging parents, Katsuragi Rumiko to education. Parents, Arimura millimeters suffer from son of truancy.
Four women to the opponent, and every day you go somehow meet my best to stringent requirements and quota.
Meanwhile, women come slowly out the worries and dissatisfaction in the table.
Hero of the action in the how, the story starts to move ......

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