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29-03-2021, 11:44

NTR Girlfriend-I'm the only one who likes girlfriends- / NTR彼女~カノジョを好きなのは僕だけのはず~

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NTR Girlfriend-I'm the only one who likes girlfriends- / NTR彼女~カノジョを好きなのは僕だけのはず~
Original title:NTR彼女~カノジョを好きなのは僕だけのはず~
Release date:2021/03/19
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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This game is about confessing your love to your childhood friend over summer break.
If you're able to complete your confession in time, you'll get together, and your dream will be fulfilled.
However, if you play around too much, perhaps another boy will swoop in to steal her away from you...

If she's left alone...her purity cannot be guaranteed.
If you're too slow, you might even get a front-row seat to her getting taken from you!

You might also see how she's changing via uploads on certain adult websites...
Can you get together with the heroine in time!?

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