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Tentacle Sex Life ADV ~Tentacle & Wife Deluxe!~ v.1.01 / 触手と異種姦生活ADV -触手と棲む家でらっくす!-

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Tentacle Sex Life ADV ~Tentacle & Wife Deluxe!~ v.1.01 / 触手と異種姦生活ADV -触手と棲む家でらっくす!-
Original title:触手と異種姦生活ADV -触手と棲む家でらっくす!-
Release date:2021/04/01
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Blumeria, a remote country town. Many tentacle creatures and a girl live in the mansion in the mountains. Doing naughty things every day with the tentacles living in the mountains. Have tea together, eat rice and snacks, You can spend a relaxing time. You can squeeze and ship breast milk at the breast milk ranch, while making money by selling fruits and vegetables from the mountains. Let's go out with your favorite clothes. Events and costumes change depending on the season, so you can take your time and enjoy life with the tentacles.

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