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Shukyusho Gakuen Gaiden -The Legend of Hanpane Island- v.1.01 / 縮○学園外伝〜ハンパネー島の伝説〜

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Shukyusho Gakuen Gaiden -The Legend of Hanpane Island- v.1.01 / 縮○学園外伝〜ハンパネー島の伝説〜
Original title:縮○学園外伝〜ハンパネー島の伝説〜
Release date:2013/08/18
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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A size fetishist's dream come true! This is a big-small spinoff of Shukyusho G*kuen ("Shrink School")!

That game's story was resolved by Yo Ch*jinda, a high school-aged sleuth.
The club manager altered history to hide the truth about the abuse and killing of shrunken people.
"It happened long ago" is the inkling of memory that remains.

In this story, heroine Narue Ook*ku, who was supersized before, struggles on.
She's still large, confused and embarrassed by her life as a giant girl which is fun in a way
she didn't experience in her normal form, but she regrets that she can't easily be with Ch*jinda.

Meanwhile, Narue goes to Hanpane Island to investigate a case about the comings and goings
of a suspicious smuggler... but after she arrives, all news is cut off---.

Newcomers can enjoy Shukyusho G*kuen Gaiden. Players of the original game can enjoy it more!

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