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AhonoYu / あほのゆ

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AhonoYu / あほのゆ
Original title:あほのゆ
Release date:2021/06/09
Censorship:Missing / There is a patch for removal
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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An exploratory RPG without battle.

A noh-weather stupid child who grew up healthy only in the body enters the men's bath.
The main character is a boy of the same age (unfamiliar) who tries to protect the heroine but usually cannot.
On the contrary, I start to get excited when I see the mischievous heroine.
It's a bad guy.

Or be made a side dish by a nerdy brother
I was mischievous by a nasty grandfather
You can ignorant each other with a younger boy who has early sexual characteristics
Uncles messed up my body
I will finally conceive everything.

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