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20-08-2021, 16:46

Zombie Zone Gunsweeper v.1.06e / ゾンビゾーン・ガンスイーパー

Japanese Games
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Zombie Zone Gunsweeper v.1.06e / ゾンビゾーン・ガンスイーパー
Original title:ゾンビゾーン・ガンスイーパー
Release date:2014/01/31
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Your team of sexy ghostbusters are sent to a mission outside of Japan by their company GEC (Ghost Extermination Company). Your goal is to break the seal that is affecting the area while fighting against zombies (embodied ghosts) and floating ghosts to liberate the zone. Find new weapons, create bullets and change clothing! Collect certain favorite items of each character to get a secret bonus!

17 October 2021 19:55
English translation,please???
26 October 2021 15:28
Can anyone translate this game??
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