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3-11-2021, 15:58

The Demon Lord's Treasure v.1.01 / 魔王の秘宝

Japanese Games
The Demon Lord's Treasure v.1.01 / 魔王の秘宝
Original title:魔王の秘宝
Release date:2021/10/29
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Take the reigns of the Demon Lord.
Manage and protect your territory, raise a variety of monsters to fight for you,
captured heroines of legend, and turn them into monster breeding beds for future generations.
Use the prospect of treasure to lure in heroines, and set-up dastardly traps and fierce monsters to greet them.
Be warned, though. These heroines are no push-overs.
The strongest among them possess powerful special skills unique to them too.

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