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DRAGONIA: Dragon's tears and dragon daughter Feene / 「ドラゴニア」 -ドラゴンの涙と龍族の娘フィーネ-

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DRAGONIA: Dragon's tears and dragon daughter Feene / 「ドラゴニア」 -ドラゴンの涙と龍族の娘フィーネ-
Original title:「ドラゴニア」 -ドラゴンの涙と龍族の娘フィーネ-
Release date:2017/03/18
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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DRAGONIA is a character training type authentic shooting game.
You can also enjoy R18 event scenes upon clearing each stage.

Follow the orders of the Dragon Shrine Maiden and protect the
national treasure, 'The Dragon's Tear' from the forces of evil!

Defeat enemies, collect SOUL, power up your shots / firearms and skills.
Use your gained strength to protect Dragonia and purify the lands of evil!

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