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19-12-2021, 19:06

Afterschool Mix Fighters Boy VS Girl Battle v.1.32

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Afterschool Mix Fighters Boy VS Girl Battle v.1.32



Original title

放課後ミックスファイターズ ー男子VS女子 格闘バトルー

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PC / Windows

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Put your club room on the line, and fight against tough female opponents!
An HRPG about savoring the masochistic taste of defeat.
The protagonist is a schoolboy in the rather weak boys boxing club.
One day, he learns that the club is in danger of being disbanded due to poor results,
and it turns out, his only chance to save it is to fight against the girls that want to use the clubroom.
Can he beat the girls, and save the boys boxing club?
You have 31 days to save your club from disbandment by completing the student council's requirements.
Tons of girls are waiting to steal away your clubroom, and your only way to ensure your club's survival is to beat them!
There are over 100+ female characters to battle including originally designed characters and generic female characters.
Among those are many tough opponents that will give the protagonist a big run for his money...


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