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NTR Adventurer Rene & Elsa / NTR冒険者 リーネ&エルザ

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NTR Adventurer Rene & Elsa / NTR冒険者 リーネ&エルザ



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NTR冒険者 リーネ&エルザ

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PC / Windows

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To save the twins' childhood friends!
"Rene" and "Elsa"
The main character "Al" who has a childhood friend of twins.
From an early age he couldn't choose between the two who wanted to marry him ...
and he would tie Rene and Elsa to him for the rest of his life.
Thinking so, Al tried to leave the village silently, but
one night, Rene and Elsa visited Al's house.
They told Al, who was trying to leave the village silently, that they would follow along.
The two said they would offer their "first time" for Al.
And you can get items to make the lap play easier "after the game is cleared".
・ Cheet Sword (You will be able to defeat the enemy with a single blow)
・ Ring of Selection (You will be able to select victory or defeat in the event battle. Can be used with Cheet Sword)
Also, after clearing, "Recollection Individual Release" " You will be able to "release all recollections". Please use it if you find it troublesome to play laps! You
can also see the "release conditions" of all events in the recollection room after clearing !
For those who absolutely want to release it by themselves!


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