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Saiin Salon ~Otto no Shiranu Aida ni Haramase Revenge Sareru Tsuma~ / 催淫サロン ~夫の知らぬ間に孕ませリベンジされる妻~

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Saiin Salon ~Otto no Shiranu Aida ni Haramase Revenge Sareru Tsuma~ / 催淫サロン ~夫の知らぬ間に孕ませリベンジされる妻~
Type:Visual Novel
Original title:催淫サロン ~夫の知らぬ間に孕ませリベンジされる妻~
Release date:2021/11/26
License:Pirate (unofficial)
Platform:PC / Windows

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The protagonist was thrown into prison and lost everything after being mistaken as molester when he was trying to help a high school girl from the real molester on bus. No one believed him including the victim student because the one who accused him was a handsome lawyer.

While having a hard time in jail, he gets to see the couple who ruined his life forever on TV by chance. The successful man and the beautiful woman got married to each other are leading a fulfilled life enough to make appearance on TV. Fueled by intense indignation, he vows to take revenge on them. That's when his jail mate makes a suggestion to him...

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