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Lloyd, Sasha and Seven Love Affair Partners / ロイドとサーシャと7人の浮気相手たち

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Lloyd, Sasha and Seven Love Affair Partners / ロイドとサーシャと7人の浮気相手たち
Original title:ロイドとサーシャと7人の浮気相手たち
Release date:2017/11/11
License:Pirate (unofficial)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Due to his business, Lloyd comes back to his home village.
Here he meets with five women:
- Yurika, his former girlfriend, now a stranger's wife
- Aunty Nina, his father's little sister and his first sex partner
- Alicia, the first one who he fell love for in his life
- Sister Claris, a nun who came here during his absence
- Warrior Noel, who fights back the monsters together with him

Lloyd had a love affair without a second thought,
but he will pay the price of his immorality...

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