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14-11-2022, 01:36

Kabopuri 3 -Young Glossy Diva- / カボプリ3 -幼艶の歌姫-

Japanese Games
Kabopuri 3 -Young Glossy Diva- / カボプリ3 -幼艶の歌姫-
Original title:カボプリ3 -幼艶の歌姫-
Release date:2022/10/30
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Easy Nuki game action!
Let's kick the naughty monster in easy operation ♪

But if you get caught by accident―...!?

From goblins, bandits, slime and other orthodox things
Evil brat, lascivious old man, wild dog, monkey, octopus, snail, giant fly...... etc

More than 50 kinds of erotic monsters and a variety of situations are recorded.
There are also many cosplay. All H scene full voice.

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