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21-11-2022, 05:22

I want to punish the yankee JK who always bullies me / いつもいじめてくるヤンキーなJKにお仕置きしたい

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I want to punish the yankee JK who always bullies me / いつもいじめてくるヤンキーなJKにお仕置きしたい
Original title:いつもいじめてくるヤンキーなJKにお仕置きしたい
Release date:2022/10/08
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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Dress-up x touch is a touching game.

The protagonist captures Koharu Watase, a yankee who always bullies her, in a physical education warehouse, and tries to make her submit by touching her. Hearts are generated by rubbing each part. By clicking on the heart, you will get a pleasure meter and heart points. Use the acquired heart points to unlock new touches, jackets, and underwear, and touch them with various costumes.

The game is divided into Part1 and Part2. Each is an independent startup file. There is an image usage limit for game production software (about 50,000 images), and since it's approaching that limit, I divided it into two parts. The 72-frame animation is divided into parts, costumes, facial expressions, etc., and moved at the same time, so there are a lot of pages.

Touch in Part 1 to earn hearts and unlock.
Part 2 is in the form of sex main.

reload, if the code cannot be seen
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