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17-01-2023, 12:59

Phantom Thief Apprentice Lumina and the Enchanted Treasure / 怪盗見習いルミナと魅惑の秘宝

Japanese Games
Phantom Thief Apprentice Lumina and the Enchanted Treasure / 怪盗見習いルミナと魅惑の秘宝
Original title:怪盗見習いルミナと魅惑の秘宝
Release date:2023/01/12
Censorship:Partially Present
License:Original (licensed)
Platform:PC / Windows

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The girl "Lumina," longing for a ghostly thief.
One day to find her teacher, Ferm, who has suddenly disappeared.
As a security guard, he works undercover at the museum in the suburbs where Ferme went missing.
Lumina searches for clues while exploring the museum.
However, there are customers and employees who ask for excited requests instead of information.
And while exploring the museum's mystery, Lumina is further humiliated

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