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8-02-2023, 17:00

Anje no dokidokkyun boken-ki / アンジェのドキドッキュン冒険記

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Anje no dokidokkyun boken-ki / アンジェのドキドッキュン冒険記



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Angers living in the moon world find a magical book in the library
I am fascinated by a book in which a lot of alchemy is written.

One day, Angers who was puzzled by going to the bride in the form of debt from his mother
As I repay it with alchemy, I descend to the earth and start studying alchemy.

But the messenger from the moon world?
Debt problem, marriage problem, at the end of philosophy aphrodisiac
Angers' destination was full of disasters!

To keep studying, to detoxify aphrodisiacs
How is the fate of Angers who plays on the earth !?



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