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400-year struggle by monsters and humans to terminate .

Twin princess of two people were born great power in the world , the Lumiere .
Girls to grow up quickly and healthily , soon , it is there should be noted from the world .
More than anyone Imotohime The Chosen excellent Anehime " Sofia " , the quartz " Olivia " .

These days it is rumored seal of the king of darkness is missing solved .
For the world , for the people , Ryohime was a symbol of hope just .

However , such one day , Anehime Sofia becomes missing .
...... Is it a monster abduction , Is it a conspiracy of someone or even .
So as not to become public , in a room of Lumiere Castle swirling confusion secretly ,
Olivia was decided that they head out to help Anehime .

Amid speculation of each swirling , really
Do you can princess Chosen to arrive to the truth hidden in history -


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