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14-06-2023, 15:06

Yowa Yowa Mesugaki Princess Knight / よわよわメスガキ姫騎士

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Yowa Yowa Mesugaki Princess Knight / よわよわメスガキ姫騎士



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The ancient and prosperous kingdom of Pertance was on the brink of destruction due to the long invasion of the Demon King's army.
One day the royal palace fell into the hands of the Demon King Gianis due to the rebellion of a minister who allied himself with a tribe of demons.

Princess Aether, forced to flee her country, embarks on a journey to reclaim her homeland with Natalie.
However, the selfish and determined princess, who grew up in a greenhouse, turns out to be a lot sillier than she may seem!
A variety of erotic events with various demons happen to the reckless Aethera.
Will Aether be able to save the country? Or will the demons make her fall in love with them?


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