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26-06-2023, 14:51

Axe Maiden Vana v.1.25 / 戦斧乙女〈メイデン〉 ヴァナ

Japanese Games


Axe Maiden Vana v.1.25 / 戦斧乙女〈メイデン〉 ヴァナ



Original title

戦斧乙女〈メイデン〉 ヴァナ

Release date





Original (licensed)




PC / Windows

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Play the main character "Vana" and her two friends "Elysia" and "Honey", collect as many BP (Battle Points) as possible.
There are many ways to earn BP, but plan your actions for the day.
If you take more than a certain number of actions, Vana will be depleted and won't be able to do anything.
Every 7 days - the BP of all participants is counted and only the top 6 with the highest BP in the group can advance to the next round.
If Vana is eliminated, that is the end of the story.


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