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10-07-2023, 11:54

Fantasia ~The customs of a fallen childhood friend~ / Fantasia~堕ちた幼馴染の風俗詩~

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Fantasia ~The customs of a fallen childhood friend~ / Fantasia~堕ちた幼馴染の風俗詩~



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The main character, Yuta, has a childhood friend named Kanade Aoba, a girl who lives in the neighborhood...
She had been with her since childhood and had mutual feelings, but due to their family circumstances, they became distant.
Many years have passed. And when the two met again after a long time since becoming adults, the stopped clock suddenly accelerated.
It was going to move. They were two people who shortened the distance between each other in order to grasp happiness, but
The road to happiness that lies ahead was an unfulfilled wish...


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