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11-08-2023, 09:49

The Fall of a Newlywed Chloe / 新妻クロエが堕ちるまで

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The Fall of a Newlywed Chloe / 新妻クロエが堕ちるまで



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Chloe's new husband is in jail on trumped-up charges, and to help him get the 'crystal of truth' she has to make her way through the dungeons with the local blond kid and a couple of mercenaries (only four people are allowed in the local dungeons).
make her way through the dungeons in the company of the local blond child and a couple of mercenaries (the local dungeons only allow four people at a time),
who have to earn money in the city in a variety of ways. And in the evenings magically chat with her spouse about the
the days she's spent...


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